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We help our clients bring power, food, agricultural and industrial products to people all around the world…

Established in 2006 as GE Industrial Solutions, today EIS Companies is a North American lubricants and specialty chemicals supplier. We’ve taken a bold approach to building our business. Our company today is the result of many strategic decisions, and mergers and acquisitions we’ve made over the years. We remain a company of fully integrated entities, with a variety of product and service offerings that fit seamlessly within our organization.

We apply the same approach and high standards to every client and all our supplier partners. As our customer, you can always rely on EIS for the best possible products in factory-filled packages that meet the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and performance. We are committed to supplying premium quality, safe, responsibly-sourced lubricants and specialty products from around the globe.

EIS is a multi-branded supplier of lubricants manufactured by big named producers from across the globe. Our procurement expertise and delivery capabilities are an unbeatable competitive advantage, that blends continuity of supply, product and segment knowledge, rapid delivery and a culture of innovation.


Just because lubricants have been delivered the same way for the last 75 years, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done better. We firmly believe breaking from the norm is better than getting lost in it.

With multiple customers that use the same products, EIS stocks a very robust inventory of products in a variety of packages. Our inventory turnover is high and products on average rotate and move out every six months. This means our products do not have enough storage time to age, ensuring our lubricants meet all manufacturers’ technical specifications and requirements.